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The Hottest Teen Celebrities for 2010

In many teen magazines, one can fill his/her fanfare appetite for celebrity gossip, fashion trends, glossy pictures, games, relationship advice on the opposite sex and even real life stories. The ideal conversation amongst pre-teens and teenagers can even entail family, social and health issues. However, any teen magazine, program or news consists of photos and tips on what is hot in the world of adolescence. Also a constant conversational topic amongst the younger generation craving for what’s hip or cool are the hottest teen celebrities.

Top Teen Celeb Justin Bieber

If we were to consider Canadian pop/ R&B singer, Justin Bieber, then he’d be the perfect example of a hot teen celebrity for 2010. Initially, his performances were viewed on YouTube by Scooter Braun, who became his manager. Braun made an arrangement with Usher in Georgia to meet with Bieber prior to signing a partnership together with Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG). It wasn’t long before Bieber had a recording contract provided by L.A. Reid of Island Records.

Justin Bieber became the first artist with seven songs from an artist’s debut album to chart on the Billboard 100.  My World 2.0, which is his debut full studio release, was released in March, 2010.  The album has received enviable success with its debut at number one in the top 10 of a number of countries. It was even certified platinum in less than two months of its release in the U.S. Although a target of a number of criticisms for his baby face, perceived effeminacy, teen pop music and constant media attention, Justin Bieber has a vast fan base in the U.S., Canada and abroad.

Teen Choice Awards is a TV Sensation

The Teen Choice Awards 2010, which aired recently on Fox, confirmed the hottest teen celebrities for 2010 with plenty of honors for the “Twilight” films and “The Vampire Diaries”. Trending on Twitter after the program was Taylor Lautner from “Twilight” fame.  The biggest competition is the cast of the reality show “Jersey Shore” with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio.

If you are bored hearing about the most recent scandals from Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, then thankfully there are teen celebs with their heads on straight who have no desire to abuse drugs and alcohol, and who are above the stereotype of teens partying and getting into scraps with the law.

Among the likes of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers are Luke Benward, Jasmine Sagginario, Robert Pierre, Mission Six, David Archuleta, Jordin Sparks and pureNRG. Naturally, no teen celebrity is perfect—especially since Miley has attracted considerable criticism for posting badly-advised web photos. However, the above mentioned teen celebrities are renowned for their desire to be positive role models for teenagers and their family values. Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, for example, even went to the extent of vowing to not have sex until they are married. Zac Efron, Raven-Symoné and Hilary Duff have grown gracefully into adulthood. Being a teen celebrity can’t be easy, but the hottest teen celebrities for 2010 make fame look so fun.”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"

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