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Teens and Glands

Teenagers undergo a number of physical changes. These changes are related to what experts refer to as growth hormones, special types of hormone that your brain releases when you hit puberty. In some cases, growth hormones can also cause illnesses. As a teenager, it is wise to know the reasons why your body changes when […]

Teens and Skin Care

If you’re a teenager, one of your primary concerns is going to be your appearance. This is completely normal. Various hormonal changes that your body experiences as you go through puberty can affect your skin, especially because these changes can affect your body’s pH balance. By understanding some basic skin care tips, including learning how […]

Teens and Puberty

Puberty involves a lot of different changes, including plenty of mental and emotional changes in addition to the physical changes that accompany the growth and development of your body. Both males and females experience changes in the sexual organs during puberty as the body adjusts to become reproductively mature. Puberty in Girls For girls, normal […]

Teens and Hair

Experimenting with your hair can be a fun and safe way to show off your creative side and make an impression on everyone you come across. Whether you are planning on coloring your hair in a shade that is just slightly different from your own or interested in getting an extreme haircut that will turn […]

Teens and Hair Lice

Head lice are tiny creatures that cling to human hair, stay close to your scalp, and feed by sucking your blood. They are most commonly found in young children, but have sometimes been known to affect teenagers. Infestation of head lice is also known as Pediculosis Capitis, which is an extremely contagious disease and should […]

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Teens and Body Odor Causes

At the onset of puberty, many teens notice a significant increase in body odor, which can lead to embarrassment and self-consciousness. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, puberty typically begins between the ages of eight and 14 in girls and between the ages of nine and 14 in boys. Hormonal Changes and Body […]

Stages of Breast Development

Body development is a very normal part of growing up. However, this type of development may cause some confusion and self-consciousness for girls who develop breasts earlier than their friends and classmates. This article explains the five stages of breast development and offers tips for selecting the right bra. Puberty Puberty is the term used […]

Penis Development in Teens

The teen years are a time of many changes for both girls and boys. Girls develop breasts and experience their first menstrual periods. Just like breast development is a normal part of life for teen girls, penis development is a normal part of life for teen boys. As a growing male teen, you probably have […]

How to Attain Healthy Teenage Skin

Teenagers go through a variety of hormonal changes that can change the way their skin looks. This sudden increase in hormones can cause acne, give skin a dry and flaky appearance, or lead to a buildup of natural oils. You must take care of your skin during your teen years. Proper skin care includes: Using […]

Factors Affecting Teen Growth

The teen years are a period of rapid growth and hormonal changes. You will experience numerous growth spurts as you transition to adulthood, and you should be aware of the effects that diet and exercise can have on growth during these important years. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet will give your body a chance […]

Body Piercing and Teens

Body piercing is a growing trend among teens. Done primarily as a statement of individuality, a piercing has become a rite of passage among some teens looking to set themselves apart in some small way from others. While body piercings are safe when done professionally, many teens may engage in unsafe piercing methods because of […]

Teens and Bad Breath

When a teen develops bad breath, a condition also known as halitosis, it can be embarrassing. While practicing good oral care can help prevent bad breath, sometimes there is an underlying cause that needs treatment before the problem completely goes away. Taking care of your mouth involves everything from good dental hygiene to food choices, […]

Body & Image

Teenagers struggle with issues relating to body image more frequently than adults. Teens often watch their favorite athletes and actors on television or in the movies. They see images of the perfect body every time they flip through the pages of their favorite magazine. Teens can develop unhealthy eating habits or other body image problems […]

For Teens

As kids enter adolescence and become teenagers, there are plenty of new concerns that come up, including changing family relationships, physical changes, new challenges in school, and emotional development. Teen Drug and Alcohol Use Underage drinking can be a big temptation during the teen years, but it can also lead to major problems. According to […]

How Teenagers Harm Their Bodies

Unfortunately, there are just so many ways that teenagers harm their bodies and hurt their chances for a healthy adolescence.  The teen years are a time for experimentation and often a lack of activity and bad behavior.  Understanding the different ways that teenagers do harm to themselves can help parents encourage their children to do […]

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