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Teens and High School Education

For most teens, getting a high school education is key to establishing a good career and ensuring a secure future. Without a good education, a teen’s work and career opportunities are more limited.

A Good Education

A good education can be hard to define, but the best way to establish whether you are getting one is to determine whether the schooling you get is preparing you for the future. Both public and private high schools can provide a good education, so it is important to make the most out of whatever opportunities you have. Take challenging classes whenever you can, and talk to a guidance counselor about specific courses or tests you need to take if you want to apply for college.

Future Prospects

Getting an education during your high school years can make a difference in where you go with your life after you become an adult. Someone with a high school education typically has more opportunities for work than a high school dropout does. If you attend college, your work prospects go up even more, and you are more likely to find a job that offers a good salary and great job benefits instead of being stuck in minimum wage positions all your life.

Doing Well in School

While many teens seem unconcerned by poor grades, others work hard at improving their test scores. These students realize that studying hard and doing well in school can only brighten a teen’s future. Dedicating time to studying and doing homework are important parts of success in high school.

A teen’s sleep schedule can also make a big difference in how well he or she does in school. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need between 8.5 and 9.25 hours of sleep each night, but only about 15 percent of teens get this amount of sleep.

Some other things you can do to get the most out of your high school education experience include:

  • Choose elective classes that will prepare you for college or technical school.
  • Do extra credit assignments that will impress your teachers and give them something to write about in future recommendation letters.
  • Make school a priority and put schoolwork and studying above social activities or your afterschool job.
  • Reward yourself when you do well by buying yourself a small treat or taking a night off to go see a movie.

Social Aspects

High school for teens isn’t just about schoolwork. High school can be an important place to learn about friendship, establish a good support network, learn how to interact with teachers and other adults, and learn how to form and deal with romantic relationships. These social aspects of high school prepare a teen for dealing with family and work relationships in the real world. In addition to interactions during the school day, many teens get valuable social experience through participating in extracurricular activities. Popular extracurricular activities include sports, playing an instrument in the school band, trying out for school plays, and joining a debate team. Many extracurricular activities also qualify you for college scholarships, brightening your future prospects even more.

Support for Education

A teen will get the most benefit from his or her education when there is plenty of support available to encourage high school attendance. Parents can be a big influence to help keep a teen in school. Teachers and other caring adults can also provide support that will encourage a teen to continue studying and working towards a high school degree even when it is tough. Peer pressure is often viewed as a negative thing, but it can also be a positive force when a student’s peers encourage the teen to stay in school or study harder.

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