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Teens and Friends

The relationships between teens and their friends play an important role in the development of the people teens become and the behaviors they display. Positive friendships are often needed in order for the teen to have the most beneficial high school and college experience. Excellent friends will help keep you on the right path and influence you to do the right thing.


Friendships are often considered the most important thing in a teen’s life. Cliques usually begin in junior high and last through high school and even into college. Some friendships between teens and their friends are so important they end up lasting a lifetime. Friendships can have a huge effect on the choices teens make and the people they grow up to be. According to Psych Central, friendships can determine whether or not we will suffer depression or feel connected in our jobs. The better the quality of our friendships, the more successful we will be. If we have friends who we can bond with and relate to at work, we feel more connected and are more likely to be productive and like our jobs.

Making the Best Choices in Friendships

Most friendships between teens and their friends are formed when two individuals share the same interest. Teens involved in sports often hang out together after events. They are inclined to have the same schedules. This allows for greater opportunities before and after events to do things together. These groups also spend a good deal of extracurricular time together. They work on team building and other positive social skills that can affect all areas of their lives. Sports and clubs help teens to stay involved and reduce the amount of time they have to get in trouble.

Friendships between teens and their friends are not always positive. When a teen gets involved with the wrong crowd, he or she is typically easily influenced. Teens may end up doing something they normally would not do. After repeatedly making the wrong choices and hanging out in a negative environment, it may be hard to break the cycle. These types of friendships can have a negative effect on things such as:

  • Home life
  • Schoolwork
  • Grades
  • Family relationships
  • Attitudes
  • Decision-making skills

A friendship between teenagers can cause problems at home if the parents do not approve of the behavior of the friend. This is often true for separate families who do not share the same values, or when one of the parents is more accepting of poor behaviors than the other.

Some teens may also have poor relationships with family members. This can often cause jealousy and may cause friends to come between family relationships. The key is to form positive friendships with people of whom your parents approve. These friendships tend to last longer than others.

Maintaining Teen Friendships

Once you have built a relationship with someone, the next step is to maintain that friendship. This can often be a challenge when teens have jobs and are involved in extracurricular activities. They may find that they have a difficult time managing school and maintaining friendships. Teens can make poor choices and skip school to spend extra time with their friends. These bad choices can often lead serious consequences, such as suspension from school. Making the right choices and finding supportive friends are not always easy things to do but the benefits are worth it.

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