AIDS Facts & Prevention Info

CDC AIDS Resources UCSF AIDS Institutes AIDS Online-Internat’l AIDS Society AEGIS Database NIH AIDS Medline UNICEF AIDS @ Advocates for Youth Amer Foundation for AIDS Research NY Times Health News Magic Johnson Foundation AIDS 2006 International Conference POZ Magazine CDC Prevention (AIDS Clearinghouse) AIDS Hotlines or call 1-800-CDC INFO For Children and Youth Youth AIDS […]

Advocacy for Children and Youth

America’s kids–25% of them-live in poverty, 1.5 million youth run away each year, child abuse and teen violence are at epidemic propertions. Kids and teens need mopre safe places to go after school and places to play and just be kids. But most politicians talk a good talk at election time, yet do little. It’s […]

Kids & Teen References

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Kid City Kid’s Mailbox

If you’re under 13, this is the place for you to find other kids to write who want e-mail penpals. If you would like to be listed, so that other kids can e-mail you, just send us your first name, your age, and the city and state you live in, to our Kid City Kids […]

Kids Post Office

Welcome to the Kids Post Office. Here you will find all kinds of cool ways to communicate, to find friends, relatives and classmates on the Internet, to get yourself a new pen-pal in your town, across the country, or anywhere in the world, be part of chat on the web, just like on the online […]

Find a Top Teen Drug Rehab Center Today 1-877-581-2915

Youth & Children’s Resources

Here’s an easy-to-use index to Youth & Children’s web resources and sites for parents, youth workers, educators as well as kids and teens. Crib Sets Shop At Virgin MegaStores and Help Kids! Parent Dex Index Sites for Children (YCN) Sites for Teens (YCN) Advocacy for Children/Youth City Kids Local Resource Guides Runaways and Street Kids […]

National Children’s Coalition

NATIONAL CHILDREN’S COALITION, sponsor of YOUTH AND CHILDREN RESOURCE NET on the World Wide Web, was started in Spring 1994 to be a central resource and referral center for information on issues and activities centered around American children and teens. NCC was also established to advocate for a much more substantial and urgent effort to […]


Welcome to the kids’ and teens’ music, dance, writing, and arts resource site from National Children’s Coalition and Streetcats Foundation! Here you will find lots of resources to be a part of all kinds of children and youth arts programs, as well as be able to see all kinds of art and writing and music […]

Help for Missing/Runaway Children

The number of American and Canadian children and teens who run away from home each year, live on the streets of major cities, or are abducted from their homes by one parent or other relative or are victims of stranger abduction is a tragedy involving millions of children. These resources can educate you and offer […]

Teens 411

On this site, you will find the important national 411 resources on the Web and off, for problem solving and getting help with struggling teens. If you have an EMERGENCY, call your local 911, police, sheriff’s, or health/hospitals department immediately. If you have a problem that you need help with, anywhere in the country, here […]


Presidents Clinton, Carter, Bush and Ford and Vice-President Gore joined General Colin Powell in a call for volunteers to help our kids—to prevent and stop children in poverty, youth violence, child abuse, illiteracy, teen suicide, domestic violence and all the other ills in American society that are being inflicted on our children in alarming proportions. […]

Violence Prevention

Our children and youth continue to be highly at-risk from violence on the street, at school and at home. These resources can help you, your school, neighborhood or city to learn what fosters violence and what can be done to prevent it and to begin conflict resolution and keep our kids safe. If you have […]


The following organizations may be able to help you better discipline your troubled teen: The Total Transformation Program – Family First Aid – Teens in Crisis – For Troubled Teens Call with any Problem, Anytime: Girls and Boys Town National Hotline Phone: 1-800-448-3000 and if a parent looking for a support group, try Al-Anon and […]