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How To Get Clean from Drugs and Alcohol

During the teenage years, the pressures to participate in drug and alcohol abuse are at their highest. Statistics from recent studies reveal that 27% of teens misuse some drug each month. These misused drugs include marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and ecstasy, as well as prescription and over the counter medicines. Perhaps the worst part of it is, many teens fail to recognize the consequences of partaking in drug and alcohol abuse. The greatest consequence of all–the most dangerous-–is dependence. When teens or anyone else abuse drugs and alcohol for long periods, it becomes harder and harder for them to stop. Getting clean from drugs and alcohol can easily be one of the most challenging and confusing things to accomplish, especially for teens, but it is certainly not impossible. Teenagers successfully get clean from drugs and alcohol each year – you or your teen can too.

If your teen is ready to get clean from drugs and alcohol, you can start the journey to being clean right away.  Getting clean is a process, so as with all other processes, the most important thing to do is start. Take the first step to getting clean by making up your mind to stop using drugs and alcohol. Decide that you want to get clean and prepare for the drug-free lifestyle you want to live. Then seek the help you will need. If you are the parent of a teen who is abusing drugs, take steps to push your teen onto the path to getting clean. If necessary, host an intervention with your teen and friends and family, and urge your teen to stop using drugs right away.

Tips on Overcoming Teen Drug Addiction and Alcoholism


  • Be Informed. Learn more about the consequences of drug abuse and addiction. Having the information you need will help you to make it through the process. Don’t allow myths that others tell you to steer you off the path to getting clean. The truth is, drug abuse can be dangerous and can lead to addiction and other perils.
  • Seek Professional Help. Professional help is important if you aspire to be clean of drugs and alcohol. In fact, dropping a drug addiction without the help of a doctor can actually be dangerous. If you are suffering from drug addiction, seek help from a doctor or treatment center that caters to your needs. Even if you are not addicted, professional help is still available. Talk to a counselor or behavioral therapist for help.
  • Get support from your family and a support group. The teenage years can be some of the hardest, and getting clean from drugs and alcohol will be a significant challenge as a teen. During this time, support is critical. Tell your parents, close friends and family about what you are going through. Their love and support will help nudge you towards drug-free living with each day.

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