Fitness & Sports

Fitness & Sports

Fitness and sports often play a key role in the health of developing teens. Many teens may focus on one area of activity and neglect others. Some teens may not understand dietary requirements for fitness, and some teens may wish to participate in many different team events. The benefits of participation greatly outweigh the risks […]

Teens and Fitness

Exercise and fitness are essential for keeping you healthy and in shape, but many teens don’t get as much physical activity as they should. With so many distractions, teens often don’t make time to exercise. Plus, modern teens often spend a lot of their time doing sedentary activities, such as watching TV or surfing the […]

Teens and Sports

While teens take part in any number of activities as they grow up, sports often take center stage in a teen’s life. Many teens play sports to bond with friends. Others do so because they enjoy the exercise. Sports can also turn into college scholarships or careers for some teens. In addition, sports help teens […]

Teen Fitness Plans for Life

Many teens exercise, whether through sports, jogging, or an every-other-day trip to the gym. Just as many, if not more, do not exercise, unfortunately. Recent statistics estimate that only about 40 percent of teens exercise as much as they need to, while the other estimated 60 percent exercise too little or not at all. One […]

How Teens Can Get Fit Fast

At a time when self-image issues are crucial, no teenager wants to feel uncomfortable about his or her appearance.  Even more importantly, the young body is developing in some crucial ways during the teen years.   By exercising and staying fit, the teen is ensuring that they will “grow” into a happy, health adult.  Here are […]

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How to Keep a Teen Body Healthy

As a teenager, good health is incredibly important – no doubt about it. It is great that you have concerns about how you or your teen can keep healthy. Keeping healthy is an everyday task, starting from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep. It is something you must focus […]