Money & Finance

Teen Success and Accomplishment

The years spent in high school prepare teenagers for the much wider world of adult life. It is also the time to expand your world and build relationships as you interact with different types of people and partake in activities like sports, art, academics or other events. It is also during your high school years […]

Teens and Finance

Learning to understand your finances as a teen provides many advantages that will contribute to success in adulthood. Being financially responsible as a teen will help you understand the value of money and allow you to save at an early age. A number of important factors go into understanding how to manage money as a […]

Teens and Money

According to the State of Indiana Department of Financial Institutions, American teens spend over 84 billion dollars a year on goods and services. While this money comes largely from parents in affluent families, teens must still learn the basics of money management in order to discover how to handle the money wisely and avoid problems […]

Money & Finance

Many teenagers take on some type of part-time after school job or full-time summer job when they are in high school. This puts them in the precarious position of earning money of their own for the first time but not necessarily knowing how to manage it. If you are one of those teens and are […]

For Teens

As kids enter adolescence and become teenagers, there are plenty of new concerns that come up, including changing family relationships, physical changes, new challenges in school, and emotional development. Teen Drug and Alcohol Use Underage drinking can be a big temptation during the teen years, but it can also lead to major problems. According to […]

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Saving Money on the Latest Styles and Fashions

Looking good doesn’t come without a price.  Trying to keep up with all the latest styles and fashions, especially during the high school and college years, can put a serious dent in the pocketbook.   But you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy clothes and accessories that look like a million bucks.   Use the […]

Teaching Kids About Money and Their Finances

When it comes to teaching your kids about managing their finances, the earlier you start the better. When an individual is taught money management at a young age, they are more likely to live a more prosperous life as an adult. Unfortunately, many people who were never taught about money management at an early age […]

How to Manage Your Finances

For most teens, managing finances is the least of their concerns at this time of their life. It is easy to assume that finances are not important, as most teens have limited amounts of money and little or no expenses. In truth, however, finances are very important as a teen. The teenage years are the […]