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Teen Success and Accomplishment

The years spent in high school prepare teenagers for the much wider world of adult life. It is also the time to expand your world and build relationships as you interact with different types of people and partake in activities like sports, art, academics or other events. It is also during your high school years […]

Teens and Career Planning

Career planning may not seem like an important task for a teen, but planning ahead is essential if one hopes to have a long, successful career. Starting early gives you the opportunity to set specific goals and work toward completing those goals. Just because you start planning early does not mean you need to stick […]

Jobs & Career

Early career planning is essential for achieving success. As a teen, early planning allows for the setting of goals and provides an incentive to begin the work to achieve those goals. Creating a career plan also helps to provide structure for the teen’s life. This structure helps the teen to stay out of trouble, with […]

Jobs for Teens

When children reach the teenage years, the struggle for independence begins. For most teens, going on their first date, obtaining their driver’s license and getting their first part-time job becomes reality during this period of time. Most parents dread the first date and the driver’s license, but look forward to that first job almost as […]

For Teens

As kids enter adolescence and become teenagers, there are plenty of new concerns that come up, including changing family relationships, physical changes, new challenges in school, and emotional development. Teen Drug and Alcohol Use Underage drinking can be a big temptation during the teen years, but it can also lead to major problems. According to […]

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Finding Employment for your Teenager

Whether they want to buy a car, or just have money to go out with friends, teenagers need a job to help make it all happen.   But in the current economy, finding a job can be tough.  That’s why it’s important to know where to look for work.  Help your teenager in their job hunt […]

Employment Tips for Teens

Unemployment is a word often reserved for adults, who may find it very difficult to get a job when the economy is experiencing a downturn as it is now. But unemployment applies to kids–especially teens–as well. Teens are at a time in their lives when they not only need money, but they need experience. Getting […]