Style & Fashion

Style & Fashion

Style and fashion are a big deal for modern teens, and most teens enjoy reading about new styles and trying out the latest clothing and accessories. Experimenting with style and fashion as a teen can help you figure out your own aesthetic preferences and determine how you like to dress. Teen Fashion Influences What teens […]

Teen Fashion Help for Parents

So you kids have reached that age where they are more concerned with how they dress.  This is an important period in a child’s life as it gives them an opportunity to express their personality and individuality through what they wear.  It can however be a challenging time for you, the parent, as you try […]

Saving Money on the Latest Styles and Fashions

Looking good doesn’t come without a price.  Trying to keep up with all the latest styles and fashions, especially during the high school and college years, can put a serious dent in the pocketbook.   But you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy clothes and accessories that look like a million bucks.   Use the […]