Internet & Technology

Teens and Blogging

Blogging has not lost popularity with the over-30 crowd, but teens seem to be moving away from it to partake in quick sound bites that satisfy an instant need. A 2010 study conducted by Pew Research Center concluded that over 50 percent of teens text message each day, with one in three sending more than […]

Teens and Internet Games

Internet games are popular among teenagers, as they can be played almost anywhere and give teens the chance to immerse themselves in another world. If played properly, Internet games can be used as a healthy release from the pressures of teenage life. Exposing teens to the Internet can have positive outcomes, but there are teens […]

Teens and Internet Safety

The Internet is an integral part of modern teenage life and many young people find it almost impossible to imagine life without it. From social media sites and streaming videos to instant messaging and online shopping or games, most teens are using the Internet almost constantly. Though it may feel like a safe environment, going […]

Teens and Social Networks

Technology is changing and helping people stay in touch with their friends in even more ways, which can be both positive and negative for teenagers. On the one hand, it is easier than ever to communicate instantly with friends and family through social networks; however, social networking can also perpetuate the drama of high school […]

Internet & Technology

The Internet and technology devices are a big part of a modern teen’s life. From cell phones to tablets, the world of technology has never been more within a teen’s reach than now. In fact, a study by the Pew Institute found that 93 percent of all teens go online. Teens and the Internet One […]

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Tips for Staying Safe on the Internet

Teenagers and pre-teens are using the Internet more than ever before.  Whether it is on a computer at home, or on the cell phone or smart phone device, young people use the web to communicate with other kids and share information about themselves and their interests repeatedly throughout the course of the day.   With this […]