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Teens and Fireworks

People of all ages enjoy watching fireworks light up the night sky. Some teens even enjoy setting off fireworks; however, setting off fireworks is an illegal activity in some states. This may not seem like a big deal but setting off fireworks in one of these areas has several possible consequences, such as: Criminal charges […]

Teens and Celebrities

Now, more than ever, celebrities are extremely influential in the lives of teenagers. From the casts of popular reality television shows to mainstream, A-list actors and actresses, celebrities are everywhere in the media and used to sell almost every product out there. While there are certainly some positive role models for teens among today’s celebrities, […]

Teens and Movies

The impact of movies on teens has been well studied, and although there is still much more research to be done, some things are already clear. While watching movies on the big screen can be entertaining for a teen, these movies can also have long-lasting effects on the way he or she views the world. […]

Teens and Music

Most teens spend a significant amount of time listening to music in their day-to-day lives. In fact, most teens have a few favorite singers or bands, and they often have a similar taste in music as their friends. Social acceptance is always important with teens, and peers can influence the type of music teens listen […]

Teens and Television

People the world over watch television to find out the latest news and stay informed of important events across the globe. As a teenager, you might also have your own favorite shows and channels that you enjoy every day. There is really no problem with watching television, as long as it is done in moderation; […]

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Entertainment & Media

In today’s pop culture society, it can be difficult for teens to escape the relentless barrage of media images that seem to be everywhere. Media influences aren’t necessarily bad, but teens are vulnerable to certain types of images and can lose sight of what is truly important when watching TV, viewing movies, playing video games […]

The Hottest Teen Celebrities for 2010

In many teen magazines, one can fill his/her fanfare appetite for celebrity gossip, fashion trends, glossy pictures, games, relationship advice on the opposite sex and even real life stories. The ideal conversation amongst pre-teens and teenagers can even entail family, social and health issues. However, any teen magazine, program or news consists of photos and […]

Gadgets Teens Use for Entertainment

When it comes to finding the top gadgets teens use for entertainment today, it’s all about multiple technological devices that allow you to multi-task. For instance, a teen may start off playing a video game on his or her laptop and then start playing a completely different game on their wireless phone while watching their […]