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PARENT DEX, a guide for parents and youth workers

You will find every subject area there is for and about children and youth, from child psychology to teens volunteering, substance abuse prevention to parenting. Gund Comfy Cozy – Babies love Baby Gund Comfy Cozies. These adorable animal blankets are always the talk of the shower Crib Sets

National Hotlines

  • National Drug Abuse Hotline 800-662-4357
  • CDC AIDS Info 800-342-2437
  • National Runaway Hotline 800-621-4000
  • National Hotline for Missing & Exploited Children 800-843-5678
  • Youth Crisis Hotline 800-448-4663
  • National Resource Links
  • One Heart for Kids
  • Jewish Teens Online
  • Christian Teens Online
  • Streetcats Youth Ministry
  • Latino Teens
  • AF Afro-American Teens
  • Teen City local city sites
  • City Spirit local Interfaith sites
  • Teen-Anon 12-Step Recovery
  • Youth Counselor Central
  • National Runaway Switchboard
  • Operation Go-Home
  • Parents Helping Parents
  • Catholic Charities Youth
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • Jewish Children / Family Services
  • Children, Family Consortium UMN
  • Children, Family Consortium UPenn
  • YMCAs
  • YWCAs
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • 10 Per Cent LGBTQ
  • Kids Internet Safety
  • Teens Internet Safety
  • Find Drug/Alc Treatment Youth Resources
  • Teen City Teen Help hotlines
  • National Parenting Center
  • Prevline (Prevention Intervention)
  • Children Now
  • Missing Children
  • Teen Violence Resources
  • Ways to Help Children
  • Volunteer for Kids
  • Kid’s Campaigns
  • Stand for Children
  • Federal Juvenile Justice Programs/Funding
  • Pavnet
  • Texas Youth Commission (National Resources)
  • Kidspeace National Resources
  • Outproud Gay, Bi Youth
  • Join Together (Community Anti-Drug Resources)
  • National Center for Children in Poverty
  • Streetcats Foundation (Runaways, Streetkids)
  • SafeSurf Internet Child Safety
  • National 4-H Councils
  • Children’s Future
  • Youth Statistics-Federal Government
  • Childrens Aid Society Home Page
  • Drug Street Terms
  • Christian Youth Work

K-12 Learning Resources

  • Covenant House
  • Adoption Resources
  • Indiana University Adolescent Studies Ctr.
  • Youth Violence (Teacher Talk)

More About Kids and Teens

  • Youth and Children Resource Net
  • ADOL Adolescent Center on the Web
  • Youth Health Links
  • Child Net Edu Center
  • Classroom Web
  • Teacher Talk
  • National Hotlines
  • Newsgroup
  • Newsgroup
  • Newsgroup
  • Newsgroup
  • k12.ed.special Newsgroup
  • Newsgroup
  • Childrens Music/Art Resources
  • NCC Child Health Resources
  • Kidsurfer

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

For funding opportunities to address violence by and against juveniles and to support intervention efforts for at-risk youth, consult the OJJDP World Wide Web Homepage, Highlights Section, at


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