Dangers & Crises

Adolescence is a time when teenagers face physical and emotional challenges. Teenagers often seek independence and want to establish their identities. While it is completely normal to feel invincible during the adolescent stage, it does not hurt to observe necessary precautions so as not to get in sticky situations. Being a teenager means you are […]

Teen Suicide

It is not unusual for teens to feel sad or depressed from time to time, but it is important to handle these feelings properly. If you feel like life is not worth living, it is important to ask for help. Family members, friendsand other supportive people can help you overcome strong negative feelings and learn […]

Teens and Car Accidents

Most teenagers are risk-takers. They know the dangers of drinking, smoking and engaging in extreme sports, but some teens continue to participate in these activities anyway. For teens, taking a certain degree of risks is understandable; however, certain activities are just not worth the risks involved. It should not be surprising to teens when their […]

Teens and Gangs

Gang culture is becoming a serious problem among teenagers and not just in big cities or deprived areas. Teens in gangs face many issues and may be placed under intense pressure from other gang members to become involved in criminal activity. Rival gangs may incite acts of violence, leaving teenagers at risk of severe injury. […]

Teens and Juvenile Crime

Teens can be helpful and active in their communities, but they can also be the perpetrators or victims of crime. Teens who always follow the lead of peers may be particularly vulnerable to becoming embroiled in criminal activity because they might fall in with the wrong crowd and get talked into committing crimes along with […]

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Teens and Sex

Many American teenagers are confronted with the issue of sex. There are also a growing number of adolescents who take part in sexual acts. Technology like the Internet is considered a risk factor because it allows teenagers to obtain unrestricted information about the matter, including porn materials. Statistics also show that most teenagers have already […]

Sex & Relationships

It is normal for teens to develop relationships with other people. These relationships sometimes result in social and physical bonds that are stronger than those developed in previous relationships. Some teens even engage in sexual activity with their girlfriends or boyfriends as a result of these bonds. It is important to be aware of the […]

Teens and Guns

Illegal guns are a source of concern among today’s teenagers and parents. Fatal incidents involving teens with guns are making headlines more than ever before, and the crimes usually end up with another teen getting shot. Unless you live in a rural area where young adults commonly use guns to hunt, it’s possible that a […]

Teens and Violence

Gangs are a concern many parents have in relation to their teen. While a gang is a group of people who band together to protect their own interests, gangs that consist of teenagers and young adults often have sinister intentions. These interests may be illegal, and gangs frequently use violence to defend their territories and […]

Teens and Counselor Advice

Facing mental problems is a difficult challenge for teens. If you do not feel comfortable discussing problems with your parents, visiting a counselor is another option. Counselors are trained professionals who can help you cope with educational issues, social and relationships concerns, and mental problems in your life. This article addresses several topics related to […]

Do You Have an Internet Addiction?

During the school day, you flip your cell phone every hour on the hour to check the latest happenings of the day. You get home from school, turn on the computer and log onto a social networking account to receive messages from friends and family. You then stay online for hours more, doing research for […]

Teens and Eating Disorders

Eating disorders in teens are one of the most problematic health conditions affecting our youth.  The information below is designed to help parents gain a better basic understanding of these issues and the importance of treatment. What are the Most Common Teenage Eating Disorders? There are several eating disorders found most commonly in teenage boys […]

Common Teen Behavioral Addictions

Among teens and in popular culture, addiction is a word that is often thrown around in reference to drugs. Many people think that drug addiction is the only true form of addiction, or at least the only dangerous one – but it is not. Not only are there several other types of addiction, many of […]