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How To Get Clean from Drugs and Alcohol


During the teenage years, the pressures to participate in drug and alcohol abuse are at their highest. Statistics from recent studies reveal that 27% of teens misuse some drug each month. These misused drugs include marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and ecstasy, as well as prescription and over the counter medicines. Perhaps the worst part of it [...]

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Breaking the Cycle of Teen Drug Addiction


Parents face a number of challenges trying to raise happy, healthy children in the 21st century.   Chief among their concerns is the specter of drug abuse and drug addiction.  Mothers and fathers of children who have just entered their teens need to talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol.   Unfortunately, those parents who are [...]

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Teen Fitness Plans for Life

Many teens exercise, whether through sports, jogging, or an every-other-day trip to the gym. Just as many, if not more, do not exercise, unfortunately. Recent statistics estimate that only about 40 percent of teens exercise as much as they need to, while the other estimated 60 percent exercise too little or not at all. One [...]

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