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Teens and Car Accidents

Most teenagers are risk-takers. They know the dangers of drinking, smoking and engaging in extreme sports, but some teens continue to participate in these activities anyway. For teens, taking a certain degree of risks is understandable; however, certain activities are just not worth the risks involved. It should not be surprising to teens when their recklessness leads to accidents in certain situations.

Driving is an area where teens like to take risks. With the newfound freedom of being out on the open road, teens may be tempted to speed or drive recklessly. It’s important to realize the severity of these activities. Car accidents can lead to serious injuries and death. The risks involved are just not worth the thrill.

Being responsible is both a duty and an impediment for many teenagers, but they should recognize that some actions can get them into trouble, especially if they do not practice safety measures. This article is meant to look at teens and the accidents they get involved in, the ways to prevent these accidents, and the reasons why teens sometimes think they are superheroes.

The Unbeatable Teens

Many adolescents feel superior and invincible at some point in their teenage lives. They have this superhero mentality where they think they cannot bleed and get injuries from impulsive activity. It may be a simple case of not thinking things through before doing something dangerous, or it may be a simple case of recklessness. As a teen yourself, understanding the teenage way of thinking can help you avoid accidents.

Biological Evolution

According to experts, risk-taking behaviors are most likely during puberty. This is because the key part of the brain that controls impulsive and risky behavior has not yet reached its maximum maturity stage. However, this biological factor does not prevent a teen from thinking things over in his or her mind before doing something reckless. You may not have been involved in an accident yet, but that does not mean that you will not get hurt when something goes terribly wrong.

Peer Pressure

The presence of peers can instigate reckless behaviors. When teens hang out with their peers, they may follow what the rest of the group suggests. Teens also feel more untouchable when they belong to a large and influential group. Often, they take risks because their peers are doing the same thing. Teens may get themselves into situations where they are unaware of the real danger or the accident that could occur. While being in a group makes you feel powerful and important, you should be more responsible for yourself and for the people around you. Stop and assess the situation first, and then decide if doing such a reckless act is worth it or not.

Carefree and Thrill-Seeking Nature

Some of the major accidents that teens get involved in are caused by their thrill-seeking and rebellious nature. The impulsiveness of youth often gets them into accidents. Sometimes teenagers do not seem to know that such actions can lead to disasters. Thrill-seeking youths like engaging in extreme sports, such as skateboarding, in-line skating, rock climbing, skydiving, BMX, and other aggressive sports. While these sports are legitimate, teenagers often forget to practice safety or preventive measures before engaging in the stunts. If you like extreme sports, it is best to practice with professionals who can guide you along the way. Texting while driving is another act of carelessness that often results in vehicular accidents. The solution is simple: Do not text and drive. It is dangerous, and it is also against the law.

Rebellious Nature

Teens often go through a rebellious stage. It is in this stage where teenagers participate in activities that are not only illegal but also harmful to their well-being. A growing number of teens have started to drink and drive and wind up in DUI accidents. Speeding is also a cause of common road accidents among teens. These vehicular accidents are often caused by illegal behaviors like drinking and then driving or being under the influence of other substances, such as illegal drugs.

The growing number of teens involved in drinking sprees and driving accidents is alarming. Underage drinking is illegal, and driving while intoxicated is punishable by law. As a teen, you should be aware that doing so can get you into trouble with the law and in trouble at school. If you need professional advice about these and other issues involving alcohol and teenagers, call 1-888-388-5605. Our trained counselors are available to answer any questions you may have and to provide a clear path to recovery for your teen.

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