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Jobs for Teens

When children reach the teenage years, the struggle for independence begins. For most teens, going on their first date, obtaining their driver’s license and getting their first part-time job becomes reality during this period of time. Most parents dread the first date and the driver’s license, but look forward to that first job almost as much as their teenagers do.

Benefits of a Job for Teens

The reward of a paycheck is what most teens look forward to, but there are many other benefits that they may not realize come with after-school part-time jobs, including:

  • Learning how to manage money
  • Exploring different career fields and industries
  • Building a resume that may help garner higher wages after high school
  • Developing confidence, independence and responsibility
  • Acquiring a sense of punctuality and a good work ethic
  • Spending free time supervised and active so teens don’t get involved with crime (
  • Learning work skills


Too much of anything can be a bad thing, and some aspects of jobs for teens may not be in their best interests. Some teens become slaves to their paycheck and bump up their hours so they can earn even more. When teens work too much, they may not be able to focus in class, resulting in grades that slip, and even their social life and relationships can become affected. When teens spend so much time working that their social life revolves around older coworkers, warns that there is the real possibility of these teens engaging in risky behaviors, such as drugs or alcohol.

Financial Independence

For parents, their teen’s first part-time job gives them the opportunity to teach money management skills. When teens begin making money for the first time, they often run through it very quickly and find that they have nothing left. Learning how to manage finances and establish good credit are skills that will follow your teen for his entire life.

When to Start

The right age to start working will depend on each teen’s circumstances. This could depend on the family’s financial situation, whether the teen has a lot of free time that is unsupervised, whether they are mature enough to handle the responsibility of a job, and how they are handling their school workload. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston reports that only one-third of teens between the ages of 16 and 17 hold down a part-time job during the school year, but roughly 80 percent work at some point during their junior and senior years of high school.

Part-Time Jobs for Teens

Teens should look for jobs or industries that interest them. For many, this could be working in a restaurant, babysitting, or working as a cashier or in the warehouse of a retail store. The Internet has opened the door for people of all ages to become their own bosses, and teens are taking advantage of the trend. As an online affiliate marketer, teens can garner a wealth of knowledge about running a business while operating with a very flexible schedule.

Summer Jobs for Teens

Summertime brings the opportunity for teens to take on a full-time job or internship. Although these jobs normally last for only two months, the pay is often higher than year-round part-time jobs and they do not interfere with school schedules. The types of jobs for teens available during the summer months include lifeguarding or camp counselor jobs. Teens living in areas that receive high tourist traffic in the summer often have their choice of good jobs that serve tourists.

Teens are young adults who can learn quite a bit out in the real world working a part-time or summer job. For many, these jobs can dictate the eventual professional field they choose to enter as well as what type of work ethic they will bring to it.

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